CAMRA in Cheshire

CAMRA The Campaign for Real Ale is a volunteer organisation, speaking for all pub goers. We have more than 192,000 members all over the UK. Apart from a handful of admin staff in St. Albans, we are all doing this in our spare time, motivated by a love of real pubs and real beer.

We are the most successful consumer organisation of all time, and have shown that the voice of the consumer can make a difference, even against the might of multi-national leisure concerns. The battles we fight are continuing (see below for some of our current concerns) and we need your help. New members are always most welcome, and those who have joined but not shown themselves yet are encouraged to call us and help with the fight.

We rely on you to provide us with news. We invite e-mails and any other snippets of information from licensees, customers and brewers.

We are not a bunch of introspective beer-bores and we like to have a good time. Come and see us, and join in the fun! Take a look at our sub-sites “Out Inn Cheshire” (our regional magazine) and “Cheshire Beer Festival” for more information on those activities.

Our local CAMRA websites will tell you what local the CAMRA groups are doing, where they are meeting, and what is going on in its particular area, as well as producing articles on matters of concern to all pub users.

Our national CAMRA website details all of our campaigning objectives, provides information on joining the campaign and access to our national data base of pubs and clubs, What?ub.