Beer list

The beer list is now complete, the beers have all arrived and they await your arrival! There are some changes from the printed programme.

This year the Champion Beer of Cheshire (CBoC) was selected out of the beers nominated by the Cheshire breweries. They put forward some cracking beers. The 23 beers (marked with and orange flash below) were divided in to three preliminary panels of seven to eight beers. Each beer was blind tasted by a panel of 4-5 judges under the beady eye of the scrutineer (a brewer and landlord from outside of the region). They were judged and scored against their style specifications. After the panels completed their assessments, the two highest scoring beers from each panel went forward to the final.

The finalist panel consisted of four Cheshire publicans chaired by an experienced beer tester, again from outside of the region. Using the same process they tasted, judged and scored the six beers to arrive at the Champion of best in class winners. Numbers in () refer to the programme reference below.

GOLD: Chapter Brewing Co. – #3 Dead Man’s Fist (16)

SILVER: Beartown Brewery – Crème Bearlee (4)

BRONZE: Pied Bull – Taurus (54)

And in no particular order the other finalists were…

Beer styles:
B – Bitter | BB – Best Bitter | SB – Strong Bitter | G – Golden | M – Mild | P – Porter | SP – Speciality Beer | ST – Stout | OA – Old Ale

References within a red border indicate the beer is different to that in the printed programme.

14T’s (Cheshire)Big Daddy IPA7.2%
A Double IPA made with American hops and also dry hopped. Clean & crisp bittering with intense amounts of resinous, citrus and grapefruit aromas. Allergens: barley; wheatSB
24T’s (Cheshire)Stout5%
An English stout, very well balanced and smooth, 40 IBUs. Specialist malts give it the biscuit, chocolate and burnt notes at the start, then English hops break through giving a burst of flowery tones. A taste you won’t forget, great for all year round. Allergens: barley; wheatST
3Barngates (Cumbria)Red Bull Terrier4.8%
Ruby red premium beer, dry fruit & spice. Allergens: barley; wheatSB
4Beartown (Cheshire)Crème Bearlee4.8%
A velvety stout with burnt cream, Madagascan vanilla and molasses. Allergens: barley; wheatSP
5Beartown (Cheshire)Kodiak4%
Well balanced, straw coloured and very drinkable. With citrus fruit and hops aroma, leading to a sharp bitter, clean aftertaste Allergens: barley; wheatB
6Big Hand (Wrexham)Pendragon3.9%
Smoooth malty red ale with satisfying bitterness in the finish. Allergens: barleyB
7Big Hand (Wrexham)T-Wrex4%
Perfectly balanced golden ale showcasing Challenger and Styrian Golding hops. Allergens: barley; wheatG
8Blue Ball (Cheshire)Concrete Mango4.8%
An unfined IPA hopped with Amarillo and Citra and a delicate touch of mango. Allergens: barley; wheatSP
9Bollington (Cheshire)Eastern Nights5.6%
Our latest IPA this is hugely rich in body and flavour with great sweetness but a typical well defined bitterness. Allergens: barley; wheatG
10Bollington (Cheshire)Oat Mill Stout5%
An Oatmeal Stout with a twist. Hoppiness with a hint of bitterness keeps the sweetness in check and allows for a great dark stout. Allergens: barley; wheat; oatsST
11Brewhouse & Kitchen – Chester (Cheshire)Deva Victrix5.5%
A single hop IPA with Simcoe, pale, dry citrusy and easy drinking. Allergens: barleySB
12Brewhouse & Kitchen – Wilmslow (Cheshire)Secret Genius4.2%
An American Pale Ale, hoppy, grapefruit and resinous named after one-time local resident Alan Turing. Allergens: barleyBB
13Brimstage (Wirral)Sandpiper3.6%
Brewed with the Citra hop, this session beer has sublime balance and is light and refreshing with tropical fruit notes. Allergens: barley; wheatG
14Brimstage (Wirral)Trapper’s Hat3.8%
A refreshingly hoppy session beer. Gold coloured with a complex bouquet, it provides a mouthful of fruit zest, with hints of orange and grapefruit. Allergens: barley; wheatB
15Chapter (Cheshire)11. That Old Rope5.4%
A chunky malt backbone supports the “C” hop boost, the classic West Coast bitterness and rose Turkish delight undertones. Unfiltered, unfined, and suitable for Vegans. Allergens: barley; wheat; VeganSB
16Chapter (Cheshire)3. Dead Man’s Fist5.5%
Subtly smoked porter using beech smoked malt mixes with freshly ground black pepper for a touch of fire. Unfiltered, unfined and suitable for Vegans. Allergens: barley; other: Black Pepper; VeganP
17Coach House (Cheshire)Clipaty Hop4.3%
An English IPA, light in colour with a hoppy aroma and flavour but a well balanced malty finish. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
18Coach House (Cheshire)Innkeeper’s Special Reserve4.5%
A darkish, full-flavoured bitter. Quite fruity, with a strong, bitter aftertaste. Allergens: barleyBB
19Conwy (Colwyn Bay)Irish Red4.3%
A cracking ruby ale fit for St Patrick’s day! Plenty of roasted malts and dry hopping make for a rich, pleasant pint. Allergens: barley; ryeBB
20Conwy (Colwyn Bay)Kodiak American Brown5%
US style brown malty beer with a big hop finish. Allergens: barleySP
21Cullercoats (Tyne & Wear)Shipping Forecast – Biscay4.1%
Pale and cloudy, this refreshing farmhouse style brew is inspired by the beers from the Wallonia region of Belgium. Allergens: barley; wheatSP
22Cwrw Ial (Mold)Whipa Snapper5.9%
Beautiful fruity wheat IPA scented with hibiscus flowers. Allergens: barley; wheatSP
23Elland (West Yorkshire)1872 Porter6.5%
Rich, complex and dark Porter from an original 1872 recipe, with an old port nose and coffee and bitter chocolate flavours on the palate. Allergens: barley; wheatP
24Epic (Conwy)Marshmallow Porter4.5%
Luxurious dark porter with marshmallow flavour. Allergens: barley; wheat; milkSP
25Epic (Conwy)Pale4%
Delicate grapefruit flavour with a crisp dry finish. Allergens: barley; wheat; milkB
26Farmageddon (Northern Ireland)Wee Gold4.2%
Golden ale with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe hops. Allergens: barley; wheat; oatsG
27First Chop (Salford)Sup (Gluten Free)3.9%
Pale amber, IPA style with a lower ABV. but no holding back on the hops. Big tropical fruit notes with a spicy, resinous, smooth bitter finish.  Allergens: VeganB
28Ghost (West Yorkshire)Phantom5.3%
Hazy golden coloured beer with an intense, resinous, piney, hoppy aroma. The flavour has hints of pineapple and a touch of bitter orange peel. Allergens: barleySB
29Green Duck (West Midlands)Starlight4.5%
Two shining lights of the American Hop breeds, Citra and Simcoe combine in a powerhouse pale ale. A riot in your mouth of passion fruit, mango, lychee and pine. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
30Gun (East Suusex)Parabellum Milk Stout4.1%
Dark and delicious, a rich jet-black Milk Stout made with a combination of barley, oats, wheat and roasted chocolate malts. The result is a satisfying balance of coffee, vanilla and chocolate notes. Allergens: barley; wheat; oats; milkSP
31Hafod (Flintshire)British 5 Hop4.5%
An old school IPA  recipe combinin five British hop varieties including Admiral to make a classic IPA with a mouthwatering bitter finish. Allergens: barleyBB
32Half Moon (North Yorkshire)Session IPA #74.3%
Multi-hopped session IPA. Different hops are used in each version of the brew. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
33Happy Valley (Cheshire)Black Magic4.6%
Full bodied dark beer featuring roasted malts with of chocolate, coffee & dark fruit and a balanced bitter finish. Allergens: barley; wheatST
34Happy Valley (Cheshire)Hoppiness4.3%
Find true hoppiness with this blond ale single hopped with Citra for big fruity hit of grapefruit and lime. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
35Hawkshead (Cumbria)Windermere Pale3.5%
A very pale refreshing ale bursting with hop flavour from the signature hop – Citra. Allergens: barley; wheatB
36Howling Hops (London)Pale XX5.1%
Punch US style pale ale with Citra, Chinook and Columbus hops Allergens: barley; VeganSB
37Joules (Shropshire)Pale4.1%
Traditional pale ale rich in malt, fruit and biscuit character, complemented by a satisfying bitter finish. Allergens: barleyBB
38Joules (Shropshire)Pure Blond3.8%
Light, refreshing and subtle, a perfectly balanced blond beer A careful blend of four malts, coupled with European and American hops, deliver an easy drinking ale with light malt character citrus aroma.  Allergens: barleyG
39Kent (Kent)Prohibition4.8%
Highly hopped with some of the latest US hop varieties, this citrusy pale ale is a celebration of America’s contribution to modern brewing. Allergens: barleySB
40Lymm (Cheshire)Chirotherium5.5%
A full bodied Old English Ale, smooth and dark, with a rich fruity finish Allergens: barleyOA
41Lymm (Cheshire)Lymm IPA4.8%
Traditional hoppy pale ale with hints of tropical fruit. Brewed with modern English hops. Allergens: barleySB
42Mad Squirrel (Hertfordshire)London Porter5%
A dark and foreboding ale, London Porter is a brew of mystery and intrigue. Hidden within its shadowy depths are lurking notes of coffee, chocolate and smoke. Allergens: barley; wheatP
43Magic Dragon (Wrexham)Eyton Gold4%
Golden session beer brewed with Cascade and Golding hops to create a well-rounded golden easy drinking ale. Allergens: barley; wheatG
44Magic Dragon (Wrexham)Old Magic3.6%
An enchanting classic dark ale, hopped with magic from the new world. Allergens: barley; wheatM
45Merlin (Cheshire)Avalon4.1%
A pale ale with grapefruit, lemon and spicy flavours from the NZ and Czech hops. Allergens: barleyG
46Merlin (Cheshire)The Wizard4.2%
A tremendous ale, bursting with flavour and taste. Light amber in colour, it’s an enchanting beer with an unmistakable and delightful aroma that’s followed with flavours that leave you wanting more and more. Allergens: barleyBB
47Mission Creep (Liverpool)Mr Malcontent4.8%
Brewed with plenty of hops to give a gently bitter but very juicy and fruity character. Allergens: barley; wheat; VeganSB
48Mobberley (Cheshire)Elysium4.7%
Session IPA hopped with Magnum and Chinook and dry hopped with Magnum and the wonderful 7Cs, making for a delicious pint. Allergens: barley; wheatSB
49Mobberley (Cheshire)Single Hop Chinook4.6%
Immense flavours of grapefruit and citrus from the delights of Chinook, both in the boil and double dry hopped, with a lovely pine and citrus aroma. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
50Moorhouse’s (Burnley)Scaredy Cat4.3%
A frighteningly, easy-drinking session IPA. Dry hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo to give citrus orange and pineapple flavours, and tropical mango on the nose. Allergens: barleyBB
51Oaks (Cheshire)Delamere Blond4%
A truly European inspired British blond with soft hints of citrus & orange that leaves a delicate finish which keeps you coming back. Allergens: barley; wheat; peanuts: possibleG
52Orkney (Orkney)Dark Island4.6%
This beer offers beautiful, silky-smooth, coffee-and-chocolate flavours, followed by figs, dates and dried fruits, with a very appealing, lingering aftertaste of fruits and hop bitterness.  Allergens: barley; wheatM
53Pied Bull (Cheshire)Tangibull4.7%
A Smooth, Easy drinking pale ale with tangerine citrus notes from the Summit hop. Allergens: barley; wheat; fishG
54Pied Bull (Cheshire)Taurus6.2%
Bold, no-nonsense stout. A rich robust, soul warming ale with coffee notes. Allergens: barley; wheat; fishST
55Pomona Island (Salford)Session IPA4.1%
Session IPA brewed with an ever-changing variety of hops. This version uses Amarillo, Mosaic & Motueka hops. Allergens: barley; wheat; oats; VeganBB
56Poynton (Cheshire)Darkside5.2%
A combination of chocolate and roast barley and our own secret ingredient, plus German hops for bittering , producing a smooth and balanced dark beer. Allergens: barley; wheatP
57Poynton (Cheshire)Session IPA4.2%
Contains pale English malt combined with generous amounts of American and Australian flavour and dry hops giving a citrusy fruity and pine flavoured easy drinking IPA. Allergens: barley; wheatG
58Red Willow (Cheshire)Effortless3.7%
Ultra pale and refreshing with lots of body, gratuitously hopped with Nelson Sauvin for a full fruity flavour. Allergens: barley; wheatB
59Red Willow (Cheshire)Wreckless4.8%
A beautifully balanced pale ale loaded with Citra and Amarillo hops providing massive amounts of tropical fruit with a clean finish. Allergens: barley; wheatSB
60Peerless (Wirral)(Dark Alice)5%
Full bodied black oatmeal stout with lots of oats to give a good mouthfeel, dark malts provide lots of backbone with toffee and caramel tones giving an element of sweetness to balance the bitterness from the roast malts. Brewed for the Looking Glass in Warrington Allergens: barley; wheat; oatsST
61Salopian (Shropshire)Torque4.2%
Yellow-blond session IPA  with plenty of hops and a dominant clean tasting tropical fruitiness. Allergens: barley; wheatG
62Sandiway (Cheshire)Chain Breaker4.8%
A delicious IPA made with British grains and hops from the USA Allergens: barley; wheat; oatsSB
63Sandiway (Cheshire)Endo4.5%
A full bodied red ale with a malty finish Allergens: barley; wheat; oatsBB
64Sandstone (Wrexham)Morillo4.2%
A bold fusion of Mosaic and Amarillo hops to form a light and easy-drinking pale ale. Allergens: barleyG
65Sandstone (Wrexham)Wynter’s Night6.5%
Strong porter brewed with Amaretto. Allergens: barleyP
66Settle (North Yorkshire)Jericho Blond3.6%
Full bodied blond ale. Allergens: barley; wheatB
67Signature (London)Roadie IPA4.3%
This refreshing IPA loads up notes of citrus fruits including grapefruit and lime.  Allergens: barley; wheatBB
68Siren Craft (Berkshire)Broken Dream Breakfast Stout6.5%
A breakfast stout with a gentle touch of smoke, coffee, chocolate. CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain 2018. Allergens: barley; oats; milk; other: Coffee, ChocolateST
69Spitting Feathers (Cheshire)Brainstorm4%
This pale craft beer has a zesty, dry flavour and a fresh hoppy aroma. Allergens: barley; wheatB
70Spitting Feathers (Cheshire)Rush Hour4.5%
5 different hop varieties give this pale ale a strong citrus character, bursting with grapefruit, orange and passion fruit flavours. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
71Storm (Cheshire)Silk of Amnesia4.7%
A champion beer; full-flavoured dark beer with a hoppy aroma, rich chocolate palate and a clean, bitter finish. Allergens: barley; wheatSB
72Storm (Cheshire)Touch of Frost4.4%
Notes of citrus, lychee and gooseberry combine in this crisp, fresh pale ale with a powerful Citra kick! Allergens: barley; wheatBB
73Tatton (Cheshire)Malted Milk Chocolate Stout4.6%
A luxurious, full-bodied, silky-smooth, malty, chocolatey mouthful of a beer. Hops – Pheonix Allergens: barley; oats; milkSP
74Tatton (Cheshire)VIPA6.3%
A big, bold, all British dry-hopped IPA. Hops – Bramling Cross & UK Cascade. IPA Pale Allergens: barley; wheatSB
75Team Toxic (Liverpool)Kahoutec5%
This collaboration with Liverpool Organic brewery is an American pale ale with lots of Comet hops Allergens: barley; wheatSB
76Tiny Rebel (Gwent)Citra Session IPA4%
Hoppy session IPA created in collaboration with Magic Rock brewery. Allergens: barley; wheatB
77Tipsy Angel (Cheshire)Angel’s Mild3.8%
Dark mild, faithfully brewed from the old Walkers recipes. Allergens: barley; wheatM
78Top Out (Mid-Lothian)Altbier4.5%
Scottish take on a beer style normally brewed in Dusseldorf. This is a dark, malty beer with a decent dose of German hops.  Allergens: barley; wheat; VeganSP
79Waen (Powys)Pamplemousse4.2%
Fruity, dry hopped pale with a slight sweetness before a balanced grapefruit and citrus finish. Allergens: barley; wheat; VeganG
80Weetwood (Cheshire)Old Dog4.5%
Robust, well-balanced amber beer with a slightly fruity aroma. Rich malt and fruit flavours are balanced by bitterness. Some sweetness and a hint of sulphur on nose and taste. Allergens: barley; wheatBB
81Weetwood (Cheshire)Southern Cross3.6%
A flavoursome, hoppy beer at a very ‘sessionable’ ABV. Pale golden with a great aroma and freshness from the pine and lemony characteristics of the New Zealand hops. The brewers have packed in plenty of character and layers of flavour, rare in a 3.6% beer. Allergens: barley; wheatG
82Wild Weather (Berkshire)Full of Beans5%
A dark chocolate stout with flavours of Irish Whiskey, cream and coffee. Brewed with speciality German chocolate malts and aged on freshly ground, cold steeped Arabica beans. Allergens: barley; rye; oatsST
83Wincle (Cheshire)Old Oak6%
Complex malt character with hints of roasted grain, slightly vinous, dark fruit and fresh tobacco. Allergens: barleyOA
84Wincle (Cheshire)Triple Hop3.9%
Vibrant Spring ale with 3 varieties of English hop giving a refreshing hoppy aroma and citrus spicy flavours Allergens: barley; wheatB
85Wolf (Norfolk)Lupus Lupus4.2%
Unique, biscuit flavoured, blond ale which is highly hopped using American fruit flavoured hops. Allergens: barley; wheatBB

Beer styles:
B – Bitter | BB – Best Bitter | SB – Strong Bitter | G – Golden | M – Mild | P – Porter | SP – Speciality Beer | ST – Stout | OA – Old Ale