Come on in the beer’s fine!

Come on in the beer’s fine!

This is a good time to be involved in CAMRA in Cheshire. Several local groups have become much more active in recent times, with lots more social and campaigning activity, new faces and new ideas.  Social evenings, brewery trips and Beer Festivals together with a wealth of new ideas await you!

Several groups have started sending mail-outs to local members, and this has brought in new blood.
If you are already a member, we would encourage you to come along to one of the activities set out in the Branch Diaries, phoning beforehand if you want.

CAMRA’s Campaigning Objectives

  • To maintain your rights as a consumer
  • To promote quality, choice and value for money
  • To support the public house as a focus of community life
  • To campaign for a greater appreciation of traditional beers, ciders and perries as part of our national heritage and culture
  • To seek improvements in all licensed premises and throughout the brewing industry
  • CAMRA also seeks to promote real cider and perry through a sub-organisation called APPLE. Like ale, these are traditional British drinks and like ale, the traditional product is very different from the ‘dead’ version.

While CAMRA is a single industry group, it has a very wide area of campaigning interests. At present campaigns we are actively pursuing include the following:

  • Improved competition and choice in the brewing industry
  • Preserving the British pub and defending licensees from eviction by pub owners
  • Seeking a fairer tax system for beer drinkers and brewers (the recent budgets have made good progress here)
  • Seeking fuller information about the beer we drink, such as ingredients labelling
  • Fundamental reform of licensing law (for example, opening hours)
  • Fighting take-overs and mergers (as these often lead to a reduction in choice)
  • Encouraging higher standards of pub design