Advertising rates

Our prices have remained unchanged since 2010 during which time we have increased our circulation from 5,000 to 11,000 imprints, a figure we want to see increased to at least 15,000.  We have held prices steady by, changing printers, reducing the number of pages and using lighter weight paper.  We have reached a point where there is no means of reducing costs without damaging quality or circulation, neither of which serves well our readers or advertisers.

The new prices offer a “more is cheaper” price scale, “doubling the size” of an advert no loner simply doubles the cost.  We have changed the prices (some up, some down) to be more commercially savvy.  For example, pages which advertisers have seen as being ‘preferential’ (back page, page 3 and inside back page) have a new price point which reflects the desirability of those pages.

The changes amount to a 3% reduction on the undiscounted price for a full page colour advert (not on a premium page) to up to 11% increase on some black and white adverts.  See the document below for the full details.