As usual, we need volunteers for a variety of roles for set up and take down as well as during the festival.

Set up and take down are where everything essential to putting on a great festival really happens.  Preparing the premises, building the stillage and then the really important part, racking and preparing the beer.  Then after all of the fun and the visitors have all gone home, the essential task of clearing the site still needs to be completed.  Resourcing set up and take down are as essential as working the festival itself, so if you are able, please give consideration to helping out before and after the festival days.  If you’ve not done it before, there’s a few new skills to be learnt!

During the festival, the biggest job is serving beer, but other essential jobs, such as door, glasses, vouchers and games must be covered also.  Jobs are allocated on the basis of a rota and during each session you may be given a variety of tasks to do. If there are any jobs you would prefer NOT to do, please note this on the volunteer form below.

Individual letters of confirmation will be sent to all of our volunteers. The final confirmation and information pack will be sent out in early March 2019.

WARNING: There have been reports that (due to the device) this form does not work on Apple devices using iOS9 or earlier (the form does not display at all) and on a number of Samsung mobile phones (the membership field cannot be entered or skipped).  If you encounter such issues, please use a different device.

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